Civic Projects

  • La Sala Beautification Project
  • Sweet Stem Senders
  • La Novia Sweet Peas
  • Encouraging Future Gardeners
  • Penny Pines

La Sala Beautification Project

In February 2015, the San Juan Capistrano Garden Club entered into an agreement with the City of San Juan Capistrano to oversee design, enhancements and maintenance of the La Sala Court Yard and entrance to the famed San Juan Capistrano Library designed by Architect Michael Graves.

 The first project on the plan was the addition of plants within the reflecting pool area. The project was started in April of 2015 with final details having been completed in July.

CompletionCompletion first day



Reflection pool 11/16

The project was accomplished through donations from the SJC Garden Club members, along with time and talent of several members from the community.

 Club members on a weekly basis volunteer to maintain the plantings and the area.

progress presentation July 2015 2

Ten different varieties in all were planted in each planter with the addition of two trumpet vines to climb up and cover the trellis.

plant photos and names

Succulents of all color and growing habit were utilized to create interest.

 More projects are slated for the future.

 If you are interested in making  a tax deductible donation to this worthwhile endeavor or acquiring further information regarding future projects, contact the garden club at or

Sweet Stem Senders

Club members share the bounty of their gardens to brighten senior facilities in San Juan Capistrano.  We also thank Vons in San Juan Capistrano for their generous donation of flowers.


In addition to taking flowers to the senior centers, Sweet Stem Senders take tray favors to two assisted living facilities in San Juan Capistrano six times a year.  These tray favors adorn the lunch trays to residents who are unable to join their friends in the dining room and eat alone in their rooms.  We hope this bit of brightness adds joy to their holiday!

La Novia Sweet Peas

Spreading sweet pea seeds on the hillside off of La Novia in San Juan Capistrano has become a December tradition.  Come spring time, not only is the hillside covered with color, but the sweet peas provides a sweet fragrance.


Cheers to sweet peas!

Encouraging Future Gardeners

As a member of California Garden Club, Inc. (GCCI), we are able to participate in the State projects.  The President’s Project for 2015 – 2017 is “Encouraging Future Gardeners.” The goal of this project is to promote CGCI by supplying children with “gardening kits” designed to spark an interest in plants and inspire them to embark on a lifelong adventure in gardening.

Penny Pines

Under a conservation agreement, the forest service will do the planting, using your donation together with federal funds, and will provide to the plantation the same protection from fires, insects and disease given other forested areas. The plantations are a part of the regular national forest reforestation program planted on burned-over and brush covered areas  which are potentially productive timber lands. Planting sites are selected by the supervisor of each national forest. These plantations provide soil protection, watershed protection, soil stabilization, future timber as well as beauty and shade for recreation.    A contribution of $68 fills a one-acre area with new seedlings.

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