San Juan Capistrano Garden Club

To Garden: the act of cultivating a plot of ground with plants, trees, vegetables, herbs. Gardening beautifies, enriches and breathes life into our environment.

A life-long love of gardening; linked with a desire to bring our community together was the inspiration for founding the San Juan Capistrano Garden Club. The club has grown since it’s inception in 2001.   Our mission: to enjoy, enhance and enrich our grounds through education, planting and community involvement.

The San Juan Capistrano Garden Club was founded by Joe Drey, Ruth Barkley & Valerie Drey.

2017-2019 Board of Directors

Mary Crawford, President

Karen Rottmann, 1st Vice President, Ways & Means

Sharon Dunn, 2nd Vice President, Programs

Pat Kenner, 3rd Vice President, Membership

Roz Morrissey, 4th Vice President, Communications

Nancy Cangiano, Treasurer

Susan Kudsi, Secretary

San Juan Capistrano Garden Club is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  State of California, Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts #CT0240614



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